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A diagram showing how the Beamforming Microphone's feedback reducer works. We see how the teacher's voice is captured by the microphone and sent to the loudspeakers. The sound from the loudspeaker goes back to the microphone but is canceled out, eliminating the feedback

Beamforming and Intelligent Feedback Reducer

The integration of beamforming technology and our market-leading Intelligent Feedback Reducer produces clear audio with hands-free speech reinforcement, leaving the presenter hands-free. Sony’s high-performance digital signal processing and unique algorithms extract speech sound while suppressing unwanted feedback (howling).

A diagram detailing how noise reduction works in the Beamforming Microphone. Noise from a projector is canceled out automatically by the microphone, but sound from the teacher's mouth is unaffected. The students can hear clearly as a result

Noise reduction

Our Beamforming Microphone incorporates advanced noise-reduction technologies to minimize ambient noise. Stationary background noise arising from projectors and air conditioning are automatically detected and reduced to achieve clear sound resulting in better intelligibility and, ultimately, better understanding for listeners.