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Learn about our solutions for enhancing ASC clinical workflows

We offer a variety of solutions ideal for ASC Integration, ranging from our Video-over-IP solution to cameras, displays, recorders and HD, 4K and 4K 3D monitors.

Schedule an ASC technology consultation with Sony and find out how our Healthcare Solutions can help:

  • Stream live procedures from the ASC to other clinicians for collaboration, training and education.
  • Bring together different imaging devices in the ASC regardless of the modality.
  • Make your ASC reconfigurable and efficient based on standard IP network connections.
  • Maximize uptime while reducing the cost of on-site service technicians.
  • Increase clinical workflow and patient turnover. 
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Learn more about NUCLeUS

  • A scalable, and modality neutral video-over-IP platform
  • Unique platform-based design accepts Smart Application based functions and emerging analytical tools
  • Unique ability to work with existing LAN infrastructure. Ideal for existing OR installation or retrofits
  • Optional fiber optic infrastructure/high-speed network compatibility
  • Combines video routing, recording, secure content management capabilities in one system
  • HIS/EMR easy Interface
  • Intuitive touch screen interface simplifies operation of all functions
  • Modality neutral support for supporting up to 4K resolution based equipment
  • Small OR footprint compared to traditional systems reducing the presence of dust gathering equipment
  • Flexibility to work with either copper or fiber IP networks—ideal for OR builds or retrofits

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