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Thursday, March 18th from 1:00 - 4:00 PM ET

Join us and we’ll provide you with practical approaches to help you gain greater efficiencies throughout your production workflows. From capturing every play, angle and emotion of the game that heightens viewer engagement, to ways in which IP is enabling the creation of shared production environments, to securely transferring and streaming files to the cloud, to unique ways in which AI is being used.

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Technology Presentations to Include

Enhancing Live Action Sports Production with Cinematic Cameras
From HD to 8K resolution with 2x to 16x slo-motion, Sony offers the right camera to capture game day action, and Full Frame cinematic cameras to capture every celebration.

Using Technology Effectively to Heighten Viewer Engagement
Hear from Michael Davies, SVP, Technical and Field Operations at FOX Sports and from Mike Francis, Vice President, Remote Engineering & Planning at CBS Sports about how they are setting the tone for some of the biggest sporting events of the year through the use of technology, and by providing ‘new looks’ and vantage points to heighten viewer engagement through emotionally connected experiences.

From Live to Post: Sony’s New Developments for HDR Productions
Hear about the latest developments in the handling of camera setting information throughout the HDR live production process and its further use in post-production operations.

How IP Is Changing the Game
Thinking of implementing emerging broadcast IP tools to connect your campus’ multiple sports facilities to a single master control room? We’ll cover some workflow efficiencies to be gained by migrating to IP media production.

Microservices: The MVPs of Content & Resource Efficiency
See how Sony’s Media Solutions Toolkit microservices enable flexible and scalable content, workflow, and storage management, across on-prem and cloud environments.

Virtualization and Orchestration
We’ll walk you through our end-to-end IP Live Production platform and how it can enable the creation of shared production environments, build dynamically scaled networks, automate production workflows, schedule services and flexibly utilize your resources as virtualized resources on-demand.

Orchestrating Multi-location Live Media Production Connectivity
Multi-location distributed production brings financial benefits through the sharing of physical, processing and people resources. To achieve this, secure, scalable and deterministic connectivity is required, which is why getting orchestration right is fundamental. The presentation will briefly illustrate the requirements and the proven solution, through an overview of existing deployments.

Hawk-Eye @ Home Replay and Hawk-Eye's Tracking Technology
An inside look at Hawk-Eye remote broadcast technologies with a particular focus on replay from home using a low bandwidth internet connection. We'll also discuss the next iterations of Hawk-Eye's tracking technology and what it may offer broadcasters and fans alike.

Remote Cloud Contribution with Ci Relay
Learn how Ci Relay enables secure, high speed transfer of files and live streams from venues directly to Ci Media Cloud, providing editors and marketing teams near real-time access to hi res content.

AI Technologies for Media Enrichment
Hear from Christopher Cruz, Director of Media Services, about how CBS Sports leveraged Sony’s Media Analytics Portal to analyze live Program and ISO feeds in real-time, during the ‘big game’.